The benefits of artificial grass

The benefits of artificial grass

We all want to make life easier for ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining our home. There are countless benefits to having artificial grass installed in your garden.

The best part of switching to artificial grass? Your children can play all day on the grass and not get muddy; pets don’t leave unsightly stains marked when they go to the toilet; and your gardener can retire because you never need to mow the lawn.

  • Once your new lawn is installed, you can trade in your mower and stop worrying about watering. All you need to do is clear the leaves off and occasionally give it a quick brush and spray. Or you can simply call in the experts. We can give it a makeover for you.
  • Dogs love artificial grass, as it is soft on their paws. They don’t care that it is easy to clean, nevertheless you will. Artificial grass has a perforated backing so urine flows through it. Solid waste is effortless to pick up and far easier than clearing up from a natural lawn.
  • It’s common for grass to become brown and moss-covered in shaded areas, such as under a large tree. Real grass needs direct sunlight, whereas artificial grass does not need any sun to stay looking good. Your artificial grass garden is guaranteed to be green all over, year-round.
  • No more mowing; no more heavy lawnmowers or careful strimming.
  • No more weeding or pesticides. Artificial grass also avoids use of fertilisers. This will save money, time and the environment.
  • Doesn’t need watering – so your lawn will remain green even in droughts.
  • Perfect for older people and those with reduced mobility.

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